WhatsApp is updated, filters arrive!

By | August 10, 2017


WhatsApp continues at its pace, continuing to integrate novelties and features that help keep the application growing. And not for less, since it has other popular applications like Telegram at his ankles.

We are always attentive to the latest novelty of the instant messaging application par excellence, the queen of this sector. Do you use the states? The truth is that at least in my circle of contacts, this function has not been successful, since I do not see many ‘stories’ every day. But hey, the application is updated and brings us something new, you want to know what it is? Follow me!

Filters arrive on Android

We’ve all used Instagram Stories, and, of course, its equivalent in WhatsApp, the famous states. Well, in the application of instant messaging this function was somewhat abandoned, with little customization, and to my mind, with little success.

But it is normal, you have opponents like Facebook or Instagram that will not let it continue to grow and seem more and more to a social network. But WhatsApp continues to his, so with the new update brings us something we had already seen, but only in iOS.

Finally we have on Android the expected filters for our states, something that since it appeared in the apple operating system bite we already wanted to own. Well here it is, and its use is as simple as we can find.

To insert any filter that we like, simply slide your finger up in the corresponding publication, yes, logically before sending it. What do you think? Lovers of WhatsApp States, you can already celebrate!

This new feature comes with beta 2.17.297, so we will gradually see in our profiles that users upload custom states their own way.

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