Fitness Apps for iOS: Healthy and fit in the spring

By | April 11, 2017

Fitness Apps for iOS

If the days are longer and the nights shorter, spring will be at the door. At the latest, it is said, down from the sofa to shake the spring fatigue with our fitness apps for body and mind. We have tested a lot of them for you. In addition to nutrition consultants and cookbooks you will also find various fitness apps for iPhone and iPad in our overview.

Not only hedgehogs have to leave their winter sleep behind. Even after the cold season, humans have to slow down their metabolism slowly. It traditionally belongs to the good intentions of every person, the bikini- or swimming trunks figure at the latest to the outdoor season. To ensure that this project is not just a pious wish, not only is there discipline, but also the accompanying support through regular visits to the gym. However, gyms are not anybody’s thing, therefore, corresponding apps can represent a real alternative.

To get rid of the winterspeck, one must not only lose weight, but also change the diet and keep the body moving. Good documentation increases the motivation when the weight curve shows the first successes. However, you should be aware that nutritionists are demanding a lot of discipline, since you can usually only add meals by hand. For this, you will get a wealth of useful information on all foods, which will help you on your way to the desired weight. To lose weight nowadays is no longer hungry, but rather balanced and healthy. For this to work, cookbooks can provide a good help. But: Nothing can move without movement! Already mild sporting activities stimulate the circulation and the fat burning.


Yazio is a calorie counter and nutritional diary, with which you can control and improve diet, activities and body weight. The free basic version is limited to a nutritional diary for all meals and includes calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat. The app also records your activities and calculates the burned calories. Analyzes represent the success of diets. The data is synchronized with the health app or other fitness apps, and you can use the Apple Watch on the go for control. The paid pro version also offers numerous recipes and menu suggestions as well as nutritional plans such as low carb, high protein or low fat. In addition, you can document additional data such as body fat or blood pressure.

Nutrition consultant

Nutritional counseling apps provide information about the diverse relationships of a healthy diet. They also provide advisory functions to strengthen the eating habits as well as, if necessary, the lifestyle and the awareness of the body.


Lifesum is a health and fitness consultant who analyzes lifestyle goals and health data to create an individual nutritional plan. The user interface is visually appealing and intuitive, which facilitates the input of many nutritional data. The app is compatible with the HealthKit so that nutritional and training data are exported to HealthKit, and fitness data and body measurements are imported from HealthKit. In the premium version, the app extends its range of functions considerably. So you get special diets or detailed nutritional information. In addition, you can also link Lifesum with stand-alone fitness apps like Moves, Withings, FitBit, Jawbone, Endomondo or Runkeeper. A point of criticism is the obtrusive advertising in the free basic version

Nutrition check

For nutritionists and those who want to become one: Do you know which calorific value a cheeseburger has? And which glycemic index has a beer? Or how many carbohydrates a brownie has? If not, you should get this app. Nutritional check is an extensive food database that supports you in the natural diet. The heart of the app are nutritional profiles for low carb, glycemic index, low blood pressure, or natural foods that help in the implementation of certain nutritional strategies. There is simply no more detailed information on the various types of sugar. The app is distinguished by its information, the structured user interface, the clear categories and the filter settings.

Diet professional

This app is certainly not the overflyer, but compensates for this with a wealth of information about the topic of losing weight. Behind Diet Pro is an experienced personal trainer with a special training for food and diet that accompanies you on your way to your desired weight. In contrast to many other apps of this genre, diet professional attaches importance to your privacy, ie neither an Internet connection nor a registration is required. Otherwise, the app does not differ significantly from other nutrition consultants. You enter the consumed food manually into your daily schedule. A scan option does not exist. Based on these data and the weight profile, the app determines your personal success. Sports information, exercises.

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