First details on Apple’s professional iMac leaked

By | April 9, 2017

First details on Apple professional iMac leaked

Last week, Apple confirmed new Mac products. Now, the first details about this year’s professional iMac and the Mac mini leaked, which sound promising. According to Apple, there will be a new, completely redesigned Mac Pro only in 2018, but the company promised a decent iMac upgrade, which focuses on professional users, last week for 2017. A few days after the official announcement of Apple’s blog, Pike’s Universum has published first presumed details about the new “iMac-Pro”, which are to come from sources of insider.

Contrary to previous assumptions Apple will not publish its 2017er iMac line already in the first half of the year, but according to the information of the blog possibly only in October. The next iMac is not just a small update, but obviously a real workhorse. The next all-in-one computer will have an Intel Xeon-E3 workstation processor of the E3-1285-v6 series installed but the aforementioned model has not yet been released. Intel’s onboard graphics “HD Graphics P630” could be provided to the chip. Developers are also looking forward to the expandable memory configuration the smallest model variant should have 16 gigabytes (ECC-RAM), the maximum equipment is only fully saturated 64 gigabytes.

In addition, according to the report from Pike’s Universum, Apple is to block faster NVMe SSDs, which are to be up to two terabytes for the first time so far macOS computers can be selected SSDs with a maximum of one Terabyte. Also on VR contents and Pro applications will be thought: Buyers should be able to choose discreet graphics solutions from AMD at the Pro-iMac. Finally Thunderbolt 3 with USB-C interface will finally be on board. A new keyboard will also be part of the new professional all-in-ones whether it is a keyboard with an OLED bar like the Macbook Pro remains to be seen.

The new Mac mini, the existence of which Apple confirmed last week, will not be as “mini” as the latest models. At least the top model is designed to make Apple larger than the last product renewed in 2014. In addition, Pike’s Universum wants to have learned that Apple’s next internally developed display with an eight-K resolution is to offer. Apple had confirmed it in the course of the announcement of the new Mac Pro, but with concrete details but back. Displays with such a resolution are still rare Dell had brought a 32-inch display with eight-K resolution in the market some time ago. Cost point: nearly 5,000 US dollars. Until now offers Apple displays with a maximum resolution of five K to

Pike’s universe is known for finding clues to new Mac devices and new OS versions hidden in macOS. Leaks from insider sources has not published the blog so far. Therefore, we should treat the information with a certain portion of skepticism but they do not sound as an absurdity.

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