Android Secure: Google Play Protect begins to reach more users

By | August 10, 2017


During the past Google I/O 2017, the big G announced the arrival of a new level of security for the Android application store: Google Play Protect. Through this system, much like a conventional antivirus, Google intended to scan millions of applications every day in search of new threats.

It has been several months since its introduction, and finally, everything indicates that Google has begun to release this new method of security to more Android users around the world, and within a short time, we will all be able to enjoy this System of identification and prevention of threats.

Google Play Protect begins to integrate into the app store

As we explained in more detail a few weeks ago, Google Play Protect consists of a series of measures integrated directly into the Android application store. In this way, users will be able to know if everything works as it should, simply accessing Google Play, without having to have another app installed.

Now, as stated in 9to5Google, more users around the world have begun to see the Google Play protect tool in the store application, through a new section in the updates tab, which allows you to analyze manually installed apps in search from problems. On the other hand, some applications now show the tag “Verified by Play Protect”, which ensures the reliability of the app in question.

According to information provided by Google, Play Protect analyzes 50 billion apps on Google Play every day in search of threats that could endanger the safety of users. In addition, this system will work transparently when browsing the Internet using the Chrome browser, analyzing malicious web pages and alerting users to malware.

Everything points to that this system is reaching the users through an update of Google Play, or the service package Google. Therefore, it is expected that a few days will pass until all Android users can enjoy this new method of security on their devices.

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